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    • Leonard, William Ellery 1921-02-01

    • Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926 -- Health
    • Letter to Theodore Debs on University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2/1/1921. Asks that Theodore Debs not forget the book that he wants him to put together of Eugene V. Debs correspondence. Assures Theodore Debs that he will help him get it out next...
    • O'Hare, Frank 1915-07-01

    • Political campaigns; Travel
    • Letter from Eugene V. Debs, 7/1/1915. Tells O'Hare that he will have to quit the NATIONAL RIP-SAW because he cannot stand the way his travel arrangements are handled. Writes that he has been "racing" all over the eastern states wearing himself out...
    • Simons, Algie M 1911-04-17

    • Barnes, John Mahlon, 1866-1934; Socialist Party of the United States of America; Debs, Theodore, 1864-1945;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs on COMING NATION letterhead, 04/17/1911. Informs Theodore Debs that he will see to it that Comrade Froeb receives the COMING NATION. Says that it will be impossible for J. Mahlon Barnes serve another term in the Socialist...
    • Stone, Irving; 1948-08-10

    • Books;Communist Party of America; Copyright;
    • Copy of letter from Marguerite Debs Cooper, 08/10/1948. Writes that she has decided to pursue the matter of getting the copyright of Eugene V. Debs' writings and speeches established in her name to prevent the material from passing in the hands of...
    • United Electric Company 1915-01-20

    • United States. Commission on Industrial Relations
    • Copy of letter from Theodore Debs, 01/20/1915. Writes that the United Electric Company's "Tuec Stationary Cleaner" may live up to its claims, but that he regards anything endorsed by Elbert Hubbard with "extreme suspicion" since he found out in the...
    • Wood, L. L. Hollingworth 1916-01-17

    • Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on Anti "Preparedness" Committee letterhead, 01/17/1916. Writes that General Sherwood was pleased by Eugene V. Debs' letter. Asks that Eugene V. Debs give him a list of names willing to arouse their communities.
    • Wilson, Noble C. 1915-07-13

    • Socialist Party (Terre Haute, Ind.); Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 07/13/1915. Writes that the speakers committee of the Terre Haute, Indiana branch of the Socialist Party wrote the NATIONAL RIP-SAW to arrange a date to have Eugene V. Debs speak on a flat rate. Says that the Terre Haute,...
    • Untermann, Ernest 1911-11-24

    • Warren, Fred D., 1872 or 3-1959; Socialist Party of the United States of America;
    • Copy of letter from Eugene V. Debs, 11/24/1911. Tells Untermann that if he must choose between Untermann and Fred Warren he chooses Fred Warren. Assures Untermann that Fred Warren would never have asked him to make such a choice. Says that if he...
    • Vanzetti, Bartolomeo 1926-11-03

    • Condolence notes; United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926 -- Death and burial
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 11/03/1926. Writes that he received Theodore Debs' letter sent from Lindlahr Sanitarium. Says that Eugene V. Debs has been "killed" because he was "too good." Letter to Theodore Debs, 11/03/1926. Says that he has been...
    • Truman, Ethel n.d. to Theodore Debs

    • Condolence notes; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926 -- Death and burial;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs on Hotel Conant, Omaha, Nebraska letterhead, n.d. Tells Theodore Debs that Eugene V. Debs' soul is now free for eternity. Says that she is glad that she got the chance to clasp his hand in Denver, Colorado. Writes that the...
    • Benson, Allan, 1915-04-01

    • World War, 1914-1918 -- Protest movements; Peace movements; Hillquit, Morris, 1869-1933; Resolutions; Appeal to Reason;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 4/1/1915. Writes that he read Eugene V. Debs's article in the APPEAL TO REASON with pleasure. Says that he is glad that Eugene V. Debs wrote that he accepted the general thrust of his war-referendum idea. Remarks that he...
    • Walling, Sadie M. 1908-11-02

    • Political campaigns
    • Letter to Theodore Debs on Adams Art Association letterhead, 11/02/1908. Tells Theodore Debs that despite what the letterhead says that she is still with WILSHIRE'S MAGAZINE. Says that she received the postcard that Theodore Debs sent from...
    • Warren, Fred D. 1915-05-04

    • Prisons; Law & legal affairs; Socialist Labor Party; Strikes; Appeal to Reason; New York Call; National Rip-Saw;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 05/04/1915. Says that he has never felt "so disturbed and upset" in all his life. Writes that he has just read the reports announcing the conviction of John R. Lawson. Tells Eugene V. Debs that he feels powerless to do...
    • Stone, Irving; 1948-08-06

    • Communism; Socialist Labor Party; Books;
    • Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 08/06/1948. Writes that he is sending Cooper a copy of the letter that he sent to Aaron Levenstein with Levenstein's response. Informs Cooper that the press that recently published a book of Eugene V. Debs'...
    • Feigenbaum, William M 1944-09-26

    • Stone, Irving, 1903-1989; Socialists;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 09/26/1944. Tells Theodore Debs that he recently met with Irving Stone about a book Stone is working on about Eugene V. Debs. Says that Stone is our kind of socialist and wants to know if Theodore Debs would be willing to...
    • Castleton, Samuel 1920-09-11

    • Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia; Censorship; Elections -- United States;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 09/11/1920. Expresses the hope that Eugene V. Debs feels better soon. Says that Warden Fred Zerbst is holding on to one of Eugene V. Debs's press releases until the Department of Justice gives permission to publish it. ...
    • Clark, David H. 1921-05-25

    • Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; Gifts; Hillquit, Morris, 1869-1933; Gale, Linn A.E. (Linn Abel Eaton), b. 1892; United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 05/25/1921. Writes that he has spoken to a chiropractor who has agreed to give Eugene V. Debs treatments 6 days a week for $20. Mentions that Louis Kopelin has made $250 available for Eugene V. Debs's use while in...
    • Harriman, Job 1918-06-03

    • Cooperative societies -- United States; Cooperation and socialism -- United States; Llano Colony (Secular community); Internationalist; Publications; Socialism -- United States -- Newspapers;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on INTERNATIONALIST letterhead, 6/3/18. Says that he is writing to ask Eugene V. Debs to write a series of articles on social revolution for the INTERNATIONALIST. Tells Eugene V. Debs that as long as what he writes will not...
    • Henry, William H. 1928-04-07

    • Socialist Party of the United States of America; Meetings; O'Hare, Kate Richards, 1877-1948; Socialism -- United States -- Periodicals;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs on Socialist Party National Office letterhead, 4/7/28. Asks that Theodore Debs attend the Socialist Party's upcoming convention. Says that if Theodore Debsagrees to come he will pay for some of his expenses. Asks that...
    • Holmes, John Haynes 1920-12-14

    • Amnesty; Christmas; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; New York Call; Pardon; Political prisoners; Prisons; Prison sentences;
    • Letter to Grace Keller on Community Church of New York City, New York letterhead, 12/14/20. Writes that he had been "utterly discouraged" by Eugene V. Debs' imprisonment until he made a trip to Washington D. C. and talked to Lawrence Todd, a...


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