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    • Wheeler, John N. 1922-05-30

    • United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia;
    • Copy of letter from Eugene V. Debs, 05/30/1922. Says that when he was in the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia he heard a lot about the case of Charles W. Morse. Writes that the rumors which circulated in the prison were that Charles W....
    • Scharer, Anne L 1920-10-23

    • Political prisoners; Religion; Books;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 10/23/1920. Says that it is an outrage that Eugene V. Debs is being treated like a common criminal while every other country in the world released their political prisoners long ago. Tells Theodore Debs that the powers that...
    • Sheppard, Jacob I 1914-12-22

    • Teaching; Reynolds, Stephen Marion; Socialists;
    • Letter from Eugene V. Debs, 12/22/1914. Writes that the rift between Sheppard and Stephen Marion Reynolds needs to be mended or that their disagreement is going to hurt the People's College. Tells Sheppard that if he and Stephen Marion Reynolds do...
    • Sims, Robert B 1913-05-23

    • Prison sentences; Death;
    • Letter from Eugene V. Debs, 05/23/1913. Writes that abolishing the death penalty is a measure that should appeal to every "just and humane person" in the state of Arizona. Tells Sims that capital punishment is a "relic of barbarism." Says that...
    • Spencer, Irving L 1920-02-04

    • World War, 1914-1918 -- Public opinion; Health ; Political prisoners;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 02/04/1920. Says that although he fought in France during the war that he believed every word Eugene V. Debs said in the speech he gave for which he was arrested. Writes that by seeing war in all of its horror that he...
    • Ryckman, J. H. 1918-05-16

    • Inheritance & succession;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs on J. H. Ryckman, Attorney at Law letterhead, 05/16/1918. Writes that Susan M. J. Craven left her husband nothing but her personal property because he treated her very badly. Says that her house is worth about $3,000. Tells...
    • Stone, Irving; 1928-07-09

    • Books;
    • Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 07/09/1948. Says that he has never heard of William Cahn or his book. Tells Cooper that the Progressive Book Club is putting out a collection of Eugene V. Debs' writings and speeches. Remarks that this is the same...
    • Vickery, N. W. 1926-10-19

    • Publications;
    • Incomplete letter to Theodore Debs, 10/19/1926. Writes that he sent Theodore Debs' business manager a manuscript a month ago for publication. Says that he has not received any word from the business manager since he sent it. Tells Theodore Debs...
    • Vickery, N. W. 1926-10-25

    • Publications; Socialism;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 10/25/1926. Says that he realizes that Theodore Debs has met with a great loss, but that he wants to know what happened to his manuscript BRIGHTON HEIGHTS. Writes that he is at a loss to understand the way that he has been...
    • Van Valkenburgh, W. S. 1926-01-15

    • Berkman, Alexander, 1870-1936; Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Soviet Union;
    • Copy of letter from Eugene V. Debs, 01/15/1926. Says that he received the information that Van Valkenburgh sent. Assures Van Valkenbugh that he would be happy to receive any other letters or articles that Van Valkenburgh saw fit to send. Writes...
    • Van Valkenburgh, W. S. 1926-01-21

    • Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Soviet Union;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 01/21/1926. Says that he was pleased to get Eugene V. Debs' letter. Assures Eugene V. Debs' respect for Emma Goldman is reciprocal. Tells Eugene V. Debs that he thinks that Emma Goldman is one of the "outstanding women of...
    • Wailes, Gladys 1920-12-10

    • Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; Prisons; Christmas;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 12/10/1920. Says that she is an 11 year old girl. Tells Eugene V. Debs that she loves to go to school. Writes that she feels sorry for Eugene V. Debs because he is in prison. Remarks that Eugene V. Debs has many "pretty"...
    • Work, John M. 1945-02-03

    • Health;
    • Copy of letter from Theodore Debs, 02/03/1945. Writes that his vision started fading out during World War I. Says that he went to see a specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio who told him to stop smoking. Tells Work that nicotine was the cause of his eye...
    • Germer, Adolph 1918-11-20

    • Socialist Party of the United States of America; Socialism -- United States; Socialists; Independent Labour Party (Great Britain); Spargo, John, 1876-1966; MacDonald, James Ramsey, 1866-1937;
    • Letter to Socialist Party State Secretaries, 11/20/18. Tells the state secretaries that J. Ramsay MacDonald has written him a letter dated 10/31/18 saying that John Spargo and his friends sent a letter to the newspapers discrediting the British...
    • Baker, Charles, 1920-03-03

    • Prevey, Marguerite; Prisoners; Prisons;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 3/3/1920. Writes that he received Theodore Debs's message to his daughter Marguerite Prevey. Tells Theodore Debs that Marguerite Prevey has spent the last two weeks in prison, pending an extradition hearing. Says that...
    • Henson, William 1920-09-26

    • Fans (Persons); Henson, William; Prisoners; Prisons; Prison sentences; Prison reform; African Americans; Poetry;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 9/26/20. Says that he cannot stop writing Eugene V. Debs because he considers him such a dear friend. Writes that it was Eugene V. Debs who prevented him from going back into the hole. Tells Eugene V. Debs that when he was...
    • Debs, Eugene V. 1919-07-03

    • Debs, Katherine Metzel; Debs, Gertrude Toy; Cooper, Marguerite Debs; United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 07/03/1919. Expresses appreciation for all of Theodore Debs's help. Says that Katherine Debs has told him all of the things Theodore Debs, Gertrude Debs, and Marguerite Debs Cooper have done for her. Says that the ride...
    • Debs, Eugene V. 1924 kidneys

    • Health; Law & legal affairs; Brewer, George; Terre Haute (Ind.); Political campaigns; Socialist Party of the United States of America;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, ??/??/1924. Says that his urine is to be treated tonight to check on the progress of his kidneys. Writes that he will not hold that fact that Jacob Caddin is being sued by his lawyer against him. Tells Theodore Debs that...
    • Debs, Eugene V. n.d. 073

    • Racism; Race relations; Socialism; Socialists;
    • Note to Theodore Debs, n.d. Tells Theodore Debs that he once met a pundit from the movement in India. Says that the man was treated poorly in America "on account of being dark-skinned." Writes that he was refused hotel rooms and berths in...
    • Debs, Eugene V. n.d. 080

    • Health;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 5/12/????. Writes that he is being treated by a doctor for a dilated heart. Says that the doctor has put him on a scientific diet and is giving him digitalis. Tells Theodore Debs that after he is well again is will "set...


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