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    • Hilquit, Morris 1926-11-03

    • Condolence notes; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926 -- Death and burial;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 11/3/26. Says that while Eugene V. Debs' death has meant a great loss to the socialist movement it has meant an even greater loss to Theodore Debs. Writes that he is wondering if Theodore Debs will continue the work of his...
    • Feldman, Joyce 1920-10-27

    • Socialism; Children;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 10/27/1920. Says that she is thirteen years old. Writes that she heard socialism meant that "everyone should have an equal amount of money." Asks that Eugene V. Debs send her some information regarding what socialism means...
    • Sherwood, Isaac R 1983-08-18

    • Thank-you notes;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on US House of Representatives letterhead, 08/18/1923. Writes that the telegram Eugene V. Debs sent congratulating him on his birthday meant a great deal to him. Expresses the hope that if Eugene V. Debs is ever in the area...
    • Socialist Party of Dayton, Ohio 1922-01-14

    • Socialists; Political prisoners; Family;
    • Photocopy of letter to Katherine Debs, 01/14/1922. Writes that the members of the Socialist Party of Dayton, Ohio would like to thank Katherine Debs for the "noble and enduring way" she has been the wife of Eugene V. Debs. Says that if Katherine...
    • Spencer, Irving L 1920-03-03

    • Letters;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 03/03/1920. Says that he gives Theodore Debs full permission to publish his letter to Eugene V. Debs if he so desires. Assures Theodore Debs that he meant every word of what he said to Eugene V. Debs.
    • Trautmann, William E. 1913-07-11

    • Industrial Workers of the World;
    • Copy of letter from Eugene V. Debs, 07/11/1913. Says that he does not have a lot of time to respond to Trautmann's letter. Asks that Trautmann explain what he meant when he stated that Eugene V. Debs classed Trautmann among the anti-political...
    • Curry, Harriet 1921-08-04

    • United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, Georgia; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 08/04/1921. Says that her mother Mabel Dunlap Curry told her to call Debs by his first name. Writes that she thought it was disrepectful at first until she realized that she would not call Jesus Mr. Jesus if she met...
    • Hilquit, Morris 1920-06-30

    • Communist International; Socialism; Socialists; Socialist Party of the United States of America;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 6/30/20. Tells Eugene V. Debs that he would have written sooner except for the fact that he did not want burden Eugene V. Debs with more mail. Says that he is writing to explain why the Socialist Party has taken the...
    • Hilquit, Vera 1933-10-16

    • Hillquit, Morris, 1869-1933; Condolence notes; Death;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 10/16/33. Writes that because Theodore Debs is one of Morris Hillquit's oldest friends, his words of condolence meant a lot to her.
    • Holmes, John Haynes 1926-11-29

    • Condolence notes; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926 -- Death and Burial; Thank-you notes;
    • Letter to Kate Crane-Gartz on Community Church of New York City, New York letterhead, 11/29/26. Says that he is glad to know that his tribute to Eugene V. Debs meant so much to her. Writes that she is right to say at least the world still has...
    • Koenig, Salmone Debs 1914-01-25

    • Debs family; Salutations;
    • Photocopy of letter to Emily Debs Mailloux in French, 1/25/14. Writes that she was sorry that Emily Debs Mailloux had to leave Colmar, France so soon. Says that it is unfortunate that it was because of a death. Assures Emily Debs Mailloux that her...
    • Le Prade, Ruth 1929-12-31

    • Christmas
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 12/31/1929. Writes that Theodore Debs' Christmas message meant a great deal to her. Says that she is sorry she has not written to Theodore Debs in a while. Mentions that her son is now 4 years old.
    • Neuberger, David M 1944-11-19

    • Health
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 11/19/1944. Informs Neuberger that he does not need to worry about making excuses for not responding to one of his letters sooner. Says that when he told Neuberger that he might not hear from him again he meant that his...
    • Robins, Lucy 1920-10-27

    • Political prisoners ; Amnesty
    • Letter from Theodore Debs, 10/27/1920. Writes that Eugene V. Debs believes that Robins has handled all of her difficulties and discouragements bravely and has done wonderful work. Tells Robins that the statement she questioned as coming from Eugene...
    • Martin Sheets, phone in mausoleum

    • Telephones; Tombs & sepulchral monuments; Fear; Buried Alive; Reincarnation; Highland Lawn Cemetery;
    • William E. Kirby, Jr.'s transcribed interview of Adele Heckelsburg's account of Martin Sheets and the phone in his mausoleum. Heckelsburg stated that Martins Sheets had a phone installed in his mausoleum and that he had his dog stuffed and laid in...
    • Green man

    • Legends; People; People with disabilities; Accidents; Electricity; Electric shocks; Disfigured persons;
    • C. Surrena's transcribed interview of Jack Flemming about the Green Man in Pennsylvania. According to Flemming, someone from Hollywood offered the Green Man one million dollars to do monster movies. The Green Man turned them down saying that God...
    • Face in the wall

    • Legends; Terre Haute (Ind.); Death; Faces; Automobile racing; Automobile driving; Automobiles; Fruitridge Avenue (Terre Haute, Ind.); Hulman Street (Terre Haute, Ind.);
    • John Puller's transcribed personal account of the Face in the Wall in Terre Haute, Indiana. According to Puller, a young guy was driving too fast and hit the wall. The impact threw him into the wall face first. His face was imbedded in the wall....
    • Oral history interview, William James Pierce

    • Mine accidents; Coal mines and mining -- Illinois -- Vermilion County -- Westville; Coal miners -- Illinois -- Vermilion County -- Westville -- Interviews;
    • Oral history interview with W. J. Pierce from Bruceville, Indiana. Pierce talks about hearing sirens in Westville, Illinois, and the church bells, which meant someone had been killed at the coal mine.


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