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    • Ed Gein

    • Legends; People; Criminals; Serial murderers; Death; Dismemberment; Cannibalism; Grave robbing; Necrophilia;
    • Barbara Birchfield's transcribed interview of Mary Tudor about Ed Gein. According to Tudor, there was a man in Wisconsin who killed women and made lampshades out of their skin. When he was caught, they found a human heart boiling on the stove.
    • Ed Gein

    • Legends; People; Criminals; Serial murderers; Death; Dismemberment; Cannibalism; Grave robbing; Necrophilia;
    • John Coleman's transcribed interview of Kathie Buhr about Ed Gein. According to Buhr, there was a man who was butchering women and selling their meat to other people.
    • Ed Gein

    • Legends; People; Criminals; Serial murderers; Death; Dismemberment; Cannibalism; Grave robbing; Necrophilia;
    • Austin Wathen's transcribed interview of Phil. According to Phil, Ed Gein lived in Wisconsin and used to dig up fresh graves. He dug up the graves so he could eat the hearts and livers from the bodies. Phil also told some jokes about Ed Gein.
    • Ed Gein

    • Legends; People; Criminals; Serial murderers; Death; Dismemberment; Cannibalism; Grave robbing; Necrophilia;
    • Bob Wilberg's transcribed personal account of the story of Ed Gein. According to Wilberg, Ed Gein lived in Plainfeild, Wisconsin, and dug up bodies from several graves. Gein also killed a woman and hung her in his shed just like a deer. Wilberg...
    • Thomas, Elizabeth H. 1913-11-26

    • Milwaukee (Wis.); Social-Democratic Party of America; Judicial proceedings;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on MILWAUKEE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY letterhead, 11/26/1913. Writes that Victor Berger and H. W. Bistorius have been found guilty of libel by a jury packed with "Knights of Columbus, Ancient Hibernians and...
    • Binkley coal mine (Vermillion County, Ind.) newspaper clipping on Joe Marcinko

    • Binkley Mining Company (Vermillion County, Ind.); Coal miners -- Indiana -- Vermillion County; Obituaries; Coal mine accidents -- Indiana -- Vermillion County;
    • Black and white scan which is a newspaper clipping of an unknown source reporting on the death of Binkley Coal Mine # 1 worker Joe Marcinko. According to the article, Joe Marcinko was working as a shot firer (a worker who inserts explosive...
    • Stewart, J.F. 1926-06-17

    • Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; Socialist Party of the United States of America;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 06/17/1926. Says that it has been several months since he saw Eugene V. Debs in Tacoma, Washington. Remarks that while attending a meeting at which Kate Richards O'Hare recently spoke that he found out that George Brewer...
    • Spook Light Hill

    • Hills; Railroads; Accidents; Decapitations; Searching; Ghosts; Light; Supernatural;
    • This is Jerry Floyd's typewritten variant of the legend of Spook Light Hill in Clay County near Brazil Indiana, collected by Tracie Spencer. According to legend, a train conductor found blood splattered on the side of a box car after passing near...
    • Disappearance of Billy Martin

    • Kidnappings; Missing Children; Disappearances; Brazil (Ind.); Carnival;
    • Annis Scobell's transcribed interview of Flora Knox's account of where Billy Martin's body might have been found. Knox claimed that there was a strange woman named Rene Evans who kept all sorts of junk in her house. When Evans died people found a...
    • Tarp man of Sullivan County

    • Suicides; Hermits; Fire;
    • Deborah Bates' transcribed interview of Ules and Cora Slinker about the Tarp Man of Sullivan County. Ules and Cora state that the man lived far from the road and was isolated. He liked the isolation, and when he found out that they were building a...
    • Eccentric dirty people, Emison, Indiana

    • Dirt; Dirty people; Legends;
    • Lola Faris' transcribed personal account of Jesse Carol. Carol lived in Emison, Indiana, and was very dirty. No one paid much attention to Jesse, but when he stopped appearing people got worried. When someone went to check on him, they found Jesse...
    • Junior Vincent

    • Legends; People; Eccentric People;
    • Carly Platt's transcribed interview of Larry Platt about Junior Vincent. According to Platt, when Vincent died there was no heat or electricity in his house. He had been dead for two weeks when police found him. Police found unopened social...
    • Martin Sheets, phone in mausoleum

    • Telephones; Tombs & sepulchral monuments; Fear; Buried Alive; Reincarnation; Highland Lawn Cemetery;
    • Bob Milliron's transcribed interview of Vickie Gilbert's account of the telephone in the mausoleum. Vickie Gilbert said that a man from West Terre Haute, Indiana believed that someday he would come back to life and wanted a phone in his mausoleum...
    • Gypsies, Detroit, Michigan

    • Legends; People; Nomads; Manners & customs;
    • Jim Bellot's transcribed interview of Anne Oliver about gypsies in Detroit, Michigan. According to Oliver, there was an old gypsy woman who was thought to have magic powers. When she died it was said that she left a magic charm and whoever found it...
    • Gypsies, Henry County, Indiana

    • Legends; People; Nomads; Manners & customs;
    • LeAnne Dugger's transcribed interview of an anonymous 59 year-old female about gypsies. According to this source, a young girl named Catherine Winters was kidnapped from New Castle, Indiana, by a band of gypsies. This source remembers that there...
    • Outlaw legend, Indianapolis, Indiana

    • Legends; People; Criminals; Crimes;
    • Peggy Conklin's transcribed interview of Mark Gladson about an outlaw story from Indianapolis, Indiana. According to Gladson, when he was young he ran away from home. He found some old "wineheads" who took care of him until the police found him.
    • House of blue lights

    • Houses; Housing; Light; Supernatural; Ghosts;
    • Samantha Dixon collected a legend from Marilene Dixon regarding the happenings at the house of blue lights located in the Northeast part of Indianapolis.


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