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    • Martin Piniak

    • Tramps; Bridges; Homeless persons;
    • Ellen Guckien's transcribed interview of Wayne Demkowicz about Martin Piniak. Demkowicz states that in another story he heard, Piniak was very wealthy but didn't like money and gave it all away. It was said that Piniak didn't like what money was...
    • 1932 State High Yearbook

    • Indiana State University; Indiana State Teachers College; Indiana State Laboratory High School (Terre Haute, Ind.); Laboratory schools; Students; Teachers;
    • An annual yearbook commemorating the activities and students of the Training School.
    • Ouija Board

    • Supernatural; Ghosts; Spiritualism; Spiritual life; Ouija boards; Legends; Demons;
    • Crays' transcribed interview of an anonymous source about an experience with an Ouija Board. According to the source, a group of friends asked an Ouija Board several questions and mocked a spirit. One boy who was sleeping got up and attacked...
    • Normal Advance 1913

    • Journalism; Indiana State Normal School; Indiana State University; Education; Literature; College yearbooks;
    • A monthly journal written and published by the students and faculty of Indiana State Normal School. The last issue of the school year was dedicated to the graduating seniors and printed in the style of an annual yearbook.
    • Spook Light Hill

    • Hills; Light; Ghosts; Supernatural;
    • This is Michael M. Mauntel's typewritten account of the legend of Spook Light Hill in Clay County near Brazil Indiana. According to Michael, he visited Spook Light Hill and he didn't believe the stories. He saw the light and said he had never seen...
    • Martin Piniak

    • Tramps; Bridges; Homeless persons;
    • Kenneth Hass's transcribed interview of Bob Simko about Martin Piniak. Simko stated that there is a man who lives under a bridge in East Chicago, Indiana, and he lives there becasue his son died. After his son's death, he didn't care anymore. He...
    • Martin Piniak

    • Tramps; Bridges; Homeless persons;
    • Tony Hagemann's transcribed interview of Daroyl McDonald's account of the Man Under the Bridge. According to McDonald, there is a man who lives under a bridge in East Chicago, Indiana. He decided that he didn't want to pay taxes, so he sold all of...
    • Moonshiners, Chicago, Illinois

    • Legends; People; Prohibition; Alcohol;
    • Tony Ward's transcribed interview of Craig Harker about moonshiners near Chicago, Illinois. According to Harker, during prohibition many bootleggers didn't make it around a curve on highway 63 and now there is a spot called Dead Man's Cave.
    • Moonshiners, Coal City, Indiana

    • Legends; People; Prohibition; Alcohol;
    • Janet Schafer's transcribed interview of John Schafer about moonshiners in Coal City, Indiana. According to Schafer, there was a man who buried whiskey in his garden and wouldn't let anyone know it was there. When people came to buy some he would...
    • Martin Sheets, phone in mausoleum

    • Telephones; Tombs & sepulchral monuments; Fear; Buried Alive; Reincarnation; Highland Lawn Cemetery;
    • Mary Anne Pierce's transcribed interview of Marsee A. Cox's account of Martin Sheets' phone in the mausoleum. Cox said that Sheets was an eccentric who wanted a phone in his mausoleum. According to Cox, the phone was removed after too many people...
    • Martin Sheets, phone in mausoleum

    • Telephones; Tombs & sepulchral monuments; Fear; Buried Alive; Reincarnation; Highland Lawn Cemetery;
    • Bill Ringo's transcribed interview of Mrs. Chasteen's account of Martin Sheets and the phone in his mausoleum. According to Mrs. Chasteen, Martin Sheets wanted a phone in the mausoleum should he get a chance at a second life. Sheets didn't want to...
    • Martin Sheets, phone in mausoleum

    • Telephones; Tombs & sepulchral monuments; Fear; Buried Alive; Reincarnation; Highland Lawn Cemetery;
    • Cheryl Stryker's transcribed interview of Helen Dubbs' account of the phone in Martin Sheets' mausoleum. Martin Sheets had a telephone installed in his mausoleum because he was afraid he would be buried alive, and when he woke up no one would come...
    • Gypsies, Jefferson County, Indiana

    • Legends; People; Nomads; Manners & customs;
    • Courtney Smith's transcribed interview of John Dew about gypsies. According to Dew, when he was young his father would tell him that if he didn't behave that Dew's father would "turn him in to the gypsies." It was just a threat.
    • Green man

    • Legends; People; People with disabilities; Accidents; Electricity; Electric shocks; Disfigured persons;
    • Bill Denny's transcribed personal account of the Green Man in Pennsylvania. According to Denny, the Green Man worked for the electric company and was shocked. Because of the shock he had heart problems, and he was turned green. He was offered money...
    • Misers in Alton, Illinois

    • Legends; People; Misers; Miserliness;
    • Barbara McPherson's transcribed interview of Maude McPherson about a miser in Alton, Illinois. According to McPherson, there was a woman who was very rich but appeared to be very poor. She was filthy and didn't wear shoes. Rumor had it that she...
    • Misers in Fairview, Indiana

    • Legends; People; Misers; Miserliness;
    • Lisa Vicars' transcribed interview of David Harris about a miser in Fairview, Indiana. According to Harris, there was an old man who didn't believe in banks so he buried his money in jars in his yard. When he got drunk he would rebury it in other...
    • Walkers, Champaign, Illinois

    • Legends; People; Walking; Running;
    • Barbara Doyle's transcribed interview of Lynne Hellmer about a walker in Champaign, Illinois. According to Hellmer, there is a guy called Philo Joe or Bondville Joe who always walks in the middle of the street. His driver's license has been taken...


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