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    • Siegl, Helen n.d

    • Young People's Socialist League; Poetry; Greeting cards;
    • Note from Eugene V. Debs to Theodore Debs, n.d. Writes that Siegl, a member of the Providence, Rhode Island, Young People's Socialist League sent him an acrostic that was "quite clever" for an 11 year old. Tells Theodore Debs that the Providence,...
    • Novik, Morris 1921-03-24

    • Young People's Socialist League
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on Young People's Socialist League of Greater New York letterhead, 3/24/1921. Says that the Socialist Party has begun a campaign to get party membership up to 100,000. Writes that the Young People's Socialist League of...
    • Morgenstern, Henry 1920-11-05

    • Young People's Socialist League; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 11/5/1920. Says that he supposes that Eugene V. Debs is doing okay and that he keeps up his spirit by smiling. Assures Eugene V. Debs that his beautiful smiling face is continuously on his mind. Remarks that he had the...
    • Watson, Blanche 1926-11-27

    • Writing; Terre Haute (Ind.);
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 11/27/1926. Says that she is writing a series of 3 articles about Eugene V. Debs. Remarks that she is just finishing the last one. Expresses the hope that one of the newspapers in Terre Haute, Indiana can use it. Asks that...
    • Traubel, Horace 1904-07-14

    • Writing;
    • Letter from Stephen Marion Reynolds on Davis, Reynolds and Davis, Attorneys letterhead, 07/14/1904. Says that Traubel's letter was waiting for him when he returned from the Western Writers' Association convention. Writes that he read a short story...
    • Sheron, Wilbur 1946-02-05

    • Writing; Condolence notes; Letters; Teaching;
    • Letter to Marguerite Debs Cooper, 02/05/1946. Says that he is writing Marguerite Debs Cooper to insure that he got his letter and was able to read it all right. Remarks that the last time he changed his typewriter ribbon that he did not put it on...
    • Rines, George E. 1907-03-26

    • Writing; Books;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on United Editors' Association letterhead, 3/26/1907. Says that he is glad to know that Eugene V. Debs will help his organization in the making of the UNITED EDITORS' ENCYCLOPEDIA. Asks that Eugene V. Debs write 3 articles...
    • Shedd, Kendrick P 1944-12-07

    • World War, 1939-1945; Public speaking;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 12/07/1944. Says that he wonders when the war will end. Also says that he wonders how long it will be until the American people know how "regimented" they are. Writes that he recently read to a friend Eugene V. Debs's...
    • Cohen, Joseph E. 1942-07-27

    • World War, 1939-1945;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs on Labor's Non-Partisan League of Pennsylvania letterhead, 07/27/1942. Says that he always relishes reading Stuart Chase. Remarks that Stuart Chase feels like the hope for humanity is to win the war.
    • Tichenor, Henry M. 1918-03-08

    • World War, 1914-1918; Socialists;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on PRO-HUMANITY letterhead, 03/08/1918. Tells Eugene V. Debs that his article in the TERRE HAUTE TRIBUNE deserves nationwide publication. Writes that the actions of the "Prussian Junkerdom" and the "Socialist traitors of...
    • Conkin, Darius B. 1949-12-25

    • World War, 1914-1918; Peace movements;
    • Letter to Charles Staff, 12/25/1949. Says that he agrees with the suggestion that Staff made in the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE in terms of abolishing the causes of war. Writes that Congress should appoint a committee of historians and psychiatrists to...
    • Turner, John Kenneth 1922-06-19

    • World War, 1914-1918; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926 -- Trials, litigation, etc.; Books;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 06/19/1922. Says that he appreciated what Eugene V. Debs wrote to J. H. Hollingsworth about him. Writes that he followed Eugene V. Debs' arrest, trial, and career with great sympathy. Remarks that he has been reading the...
    • Spencer, Irving L 1920-02-04

    • World War, 1914-1918 -- Public opinion; Health ; Political prisoners;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 02/04/1920. Says that although he fought in France during the war that he believed every word Eugene V. Debs said in the speech he gave for which he was arrested. Writes that by seeing war in all of its horror that he...
    • Benson, Allan, 1915-04-01

    • World War, 1914-1918 -- Protest movements; Peace movements; Hillquit, Morris, 1869-1933; Resolutions; Appeal to Reason;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 4/1/1915. Writes that he read Eugene V. Debs's article in the APPEAL TO REASON with pleasure. Says that he is glad that Eugene V. Debs wrote that he accepted the general thrust of his war-referendum idea. Remarks that he...
    • Tresca, Carlo 1916-09-18

    • Working class;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 09/18/1916. Writes that he has taken note of Eugene V. Debs' interest in his case with much pleasure. Says that if there is one reward in battling for the liberty of the working classes it is having the support of Eugene...
    • Debs, Eugene V. 1895-07-03

    • Woodstock (Ill.); Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926 -- Trials, litigation, etc.; Writing;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 07/03/1895. Says that he is enclosing $25.00 from W. H. Harvey to be used for the legal defense fund. Writes that he is enclosing issues of the CHICAGO JOURNAL and the MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE which contains articles by Eugene...
    • Debs, Eugene V. n.d. 073e

    • Women's suffrage; Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Hearst, William Randolph, 1863-1951; Hapgood, Norman, 1868-1937; Haywood, Big Bill, 1869-1928; Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924; Health;
    • Incomplete letter to Theodore Debs, n.d. Tells Theodore Debs that Amy Winship visited him recently. Says that at 91 she is the "most extraordinary character." Writes that she began working towards suffrage in the 1850s. Mentions that her...
    • Quarles, Elizabeth M 1920-08-23

    • Women's suffrage;
    • Letter from Theodore Debs, 8/23/1920. Writes that he has received Quarles' request to have Eugene V. Debs speak to the members of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters. Assures Quarles that Eugene V. Debs appreciated the invitation but regrets that...
    • White, Lillian J. 1919-09-06

    • Women's suffrage; Apologizing;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 09/06/1919. Says that she is sorry that she misquoted Eugene V. Debs in her article that appeared in the SPECTATOR. Writes that she has spent the last 4 years involved in the campaign for woman's suffrage. Tells Theodore...
    • Unidentified Correspondents n.d. from E. Debs

    • Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924; Women's suffrage
    • Letter from Eugene V. Debs, n.d. Writes that the dispatch he received from Washington would make "the blood of a stone image boil." Says that if Woodrow Wilson did not have the "hide of a pachyderm" he could not stand it. Remarks that the women of...


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