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    • Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley n.d

    • New York Call; Pardon; Petitions; Socialists; Law & legal affairs;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, ??/??/1915. Says that she received Eugene V. Debs's appeal and is trying to get it published in the NEW YORK CALL. Mentions that Judge G. W. Hilton, Joe Hill's lawyer, is going to be bringing Hill's case before the Board...
    • French, W.E.P 1910-07-16

    • Law & legal affairs; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; Travel;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs on United Service Company letterhead, 07/16/1910. Says that he has referred A. B. Norlin to the patent attorneys as Theodore Debs requested. Writes that Eugene V. Debs's visit was a delight. Expresses hope that one day...
    • Schuhardt, Lena 1918-04-16

    • Newspapers; Capitalism; Law & legal affairs; Socialism; Socialists;
    • Letter from Theodore Debs, 04/16/1918. Writes that he read today of Schuhardt's persecution in the newspaper. Assures Schuhardt that her "silly, trumped charges" upon which she was dismissed deceives not one intelligent person in Terre Haute,...
    • Sanger, Margaret 1916-01-26

    • Birth control; Law & legal affairs; Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924;
    • Form letter, 01/26/1916. Says that her trial for advocating birth control has been postponed until 02/14/1916. Writes that she is not being prosecuted because federal authorities consider the advocacy of birth control "lewd, lascivious, and...
    • Schuhardt,W. F 1917-04-05

    • Law & legal affairs;
    • Letter to Theodore Debs, 04/5/1917. Says that he is sending Theodore Debs an audit of the accounts and books of L. R. Smyres. Writes that the auditing committee consisted of him, William Mitch, and M. H. Miller. Includes a copy of the "Fifth...
    • Sharts, Joseph W 1920-11-24

    • Law & legal affairs; Voting; Socialism -- United States -- Newspapers; Socialist Party of the United States of America; Socialists; Political campaigns; Prisoners;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on Joseph W. Sharts, Attorney at Law letterhead, 11/24/1920. Says that he has just returned from a 3 day trial in Troy, Ohio. Assures Eugene V. Debs that he has not forgotten about him. Says that in addition to editing the...
    • Shedd, Kendrick P 1936-02-23

    • Letters; Public speaking; Law & legal affairs;
    • Note to Theodore Debs, 02/23/1936. Tells Theodore Debs that he is sending him a copy of a letter he wrote to his Congressman regarding the US military. Includes a copy of a letter to James P. B. Duffy dated 02/13/1936 saying that he opposes the...
    • Sheppard, Jacob I 1916-07-03

    • Law & legal affairs;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on Sheppard, Sheppard, and Sheppard, Attorneys at Law letterhead, 07/03/1916. Says that if all men were like Eugene V. Debs there would indeed be a heaven on earth. Tells Eugene V. Debs that he just won a great victory and...
    • Sperry, Marvin Gates 1921-08-06

    • Law & legal affairs;
    • Copy of letter to Harry Daugherty, 08/06/1921. Writes that he is glad to know that Daugherty is enforcing the statute of 1873 that prohibits ex-Presidents from prosecuting claims which arose during their Presidencies. Says that former government...
    • Smith, Richard M 1921-03-18

    • Political prisoners; Harding, Warren G. (Warren Gamaliel), 1865-1923; Law & legal affairs; War -- Public opinion; Pardon
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on Society of the Messiah letterhead, 03/18/1921. Writes that appeals have long been made for Eugene V. Debs's release. Says that just today Warren Harding has asked that Eugene V. Debs's case to be reconsidered. Remarks...
    • Spry, William 1915-08-20

    • Law & legal affairs; Pardon
    • Letter from Eugene V. Debs, 08/20/1915. Says that he is writing on behalf of Joe Hill. Informs Spry that from what he knows about Joe Hill's case that there is "more than a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of this unfortunate brother" because he...
    • Stalley, W.A 1918-03-18

    • O'Hare, Kate Richards, 1877-1948; Law & legal affairs;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on James-Heddon's Sons letterhead, 03/18/1918. Says that it was with "profound sorrow and indignation" that he read about the "foul conviction" of Kate Richards O'Hare. Writes that he is enclosing for Eugene V. Debs money...
    • Stedman, Seymour 1918-11-21

    • Law & legal affairs;
    • Letter from D. C. Westenhaver on District Court of the United States letterhead, 11/21/1918. Says that he looks unfavorably upon Stedman's request to modify the restrictions placed on Eugene V. Debs's bond.
    • Steffes, John G 1918-05-06

    • Wills; Socialist Party of the United States of America; Law & legal affairs;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 05/06/1918. Writes that he and his wife are both 70 years old and in failing health. Says that he has accumulated property worth $15,000. Tells Eugene V. Debs that he would like to will this property to the Socialist...
    • Stedman, Seymour 1919-11-29

    • Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; Law & legal affairs; Political prisoners;
    • Letter from Abraham Lillienthal on Forscher and Lillienthal, Attorneys at Law letterhead, 11/29/1919. Says that now that the emergency situation created by the war is over that he would like to know what the chances would be to secure Eugene V....
    • Stedman, Seymour 1919-12-20

    • Law enforcement; Law & legal affairs; Political prisoners; Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; Pardon
    • Copy of letter to Abraham Lillienthal, 12/20/1919. Informs Lillienthal that the only way that he could see a writ of habeas corpus applying to Eugene V. Debs's situation is in regard to the "improper" removal of Eugene V. Debs from Moundsville,...
    • Ryckman, J. H. 1918-05-25

    • Law & legal affairs;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs on J. H. Ryckman, Attorney at Law letterhead, 05/25/1918. Says that he is sending Eugene V. Debs a leaflet regarding the current situation of Robert Whitaker. Mentions that he is also sending Eugene V. Debs a poem by Floyd...
    • Westenhaver, D.C.; 1926-06-08

    • Citizenship; Law & legal affairs;
    • Copy of letter from Eugene V. Debs, 06/08/1926. Writes that he appreciated Westenhaver's courteous response to his letter. Says that with the information that Westenhaver provided he will take the matter up once again with his counsel.
    • Warren, Fred D. 1915-05-04

    • Prisons; Law & legal affairs; Socialist Labor Party; Strikes; Appeal to Reason; New York Call; National Rip-Saw;
    • Letter to Eugene V. Debs, 05/04/1915. Says that he has never felt "so disturbed and upset" in all his life. Writes that he has just read the reports announcing the conviction of John R. Lawson. Tells Eugene V. Debs that he feels powerless to do...
    • Bogart, Guy 1918-01-08

    • Debs, Eugene V. (Eugene Victor), 1855-1926; Law & legal affairs;
    • Letter to Eugene V Debs on Llano Publications letterhead, 01/08/1918. Tells Eugene V Debs that he will be glad to represent Eugene V Debs in the S. M. J. Craven land matter. Says that he appreciated Eugene V Debs's remarks concerning his "reviews...


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