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Wabash Valley Indiana Civil War Sesquicentennial Project

A Women's Place.

Before the Civil War, women had their specific place in society. If a woman did hold a job outside of the home, it was a domestic job such as seamstress, maid, boarding house operator, laundress, or cook. Women were not to witness violence or suffering. Victorian-era womendid not hold positions such as a doctor or a nurse. With the Civil War, women's position in society changed and were became very involved with the activities of the war. Since the war impacted the life of women at home with ever-changing domestic duties, and men were called to serve in the military. Women adapted to new job opportunities outside of the home, as men were fighting in the Civil War.


Hoosier Women and the Civil War Home Front

Women provided many roles during the Civil War. These roles included working on the home front, making blankets and clothes. They also work in the medical field, as they worked in hospitals caring for the sick and/or injured, or on the battlefield aiding injured soldiers. They even disguised themselves as men and enlisted into the military to fight in the Civil War. It is estimated that 250 Hoosier women were nurses at hospitals or military camps during the Civil War.