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Wabash Valley Civil War Sesquicentennial Project

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Civil War Locations in Putnam County, Indiana

Forest Hill Cemetery: Civil War Monument and Graves

The Forest Hill Cemetery monument was dedicated in 1870. The plaques placed on the monument lists the names of the Putnam County Soldiers that are buried near the monument. The names found on the body of the statue are the names of Putnam County men that died in the Civil War. In total, there are 321 names listed on the plaques and on the statue body.

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Indiana Asbury University / DePauw University
Originally founded in 1837 by the Methodist Church as Indiana Asbury University, DePauw University is located in Greencastle, Indiana. Historically, parishoners in the Methodist were split on their views on their support of slavery at both the state and national levels of leadership. Depauw's connection to the Underground Railroad is unknown due to the church's split views towards slavery.

Stellar's Cave is located beneath Depauw's campus, and is thought to have been a hiding space for fugitive slaves traveling along the Underground Railroad. However, there is no clear documentation DePaul University being designated as a "station" for the Underground Railroad.

Since the routes on the Underground Railroad were predominately passed by word-of-mouth, there is little documented proof of slaves actively achieving freedom. Much of the knowledge concerning the Underground Railroad has been rumors which has been passed down throughout the years.

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Heritage Wall
The Heritage Wall is located near the Southeast corner of the town square in Greencastle, Indiana, and contains many plaques that explain significant turning points in the city's history.

One of the plaques explain Eli Lilly’s life in Greencastle and Indiana.Lilly is known for opening the first drug store in Greencastle. At the beginning of the Civil War, Eli enlisted into war as a Lieutenant. He was actively involved in Civil War artilleries such as the 21st Regiment of Volunteers, 18th Indiana Battery of Light Artillery, and the 9th Indiana Calvary.

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The Poster below is an recruitment poster for Lilly’s 18th Battery of Light Artillery.

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            Photo Credit: Rebekah Abby Colwell

Banner Graphic: Civil War Monument Cracks Filled