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Wabash Valley Civil War Sesquicentennial Project

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Civil War Locations in Parke County, Indiana

Friends Church

In the Wabash Valley, Northern Parke County had a major impact on the Underground Railroad. The area is significant as many Quakers lived in Parke County and held extreme anti-slavery views and aided runaway slaves traveling along the Underground Railroad.

Bloomingdale, IN was one of many Quaker settlements that were very active in the Underground Railroad. The church was usually a major component for many communities that were active in the Underground Railroad. Below is a photo of the Friends Church established in 1827, and the current building was built in 1865.


Underground Railroad in Bloomingdale, Indiana

Alfred and Rhoda Hadley were very active in the Underground Railroad in Parke County for over 25 years. It was rumored the their house contained many hiding places for runaway slaves in their home. In an effort to slow down fugitive hunters searching for runaway slaves, Rhoda would offer to cook a meal for these hunters. The picture below is a photo of the memorial dedicated to Alfred and Rhoda Hadley and the many others in Bloomingdale that assisted in the Underground Railroad.



Owen County Civil War Plaque

Dedicated in 1923, The plaque below is located in the Owen County Court House. It is dedicated to the 2,000 men served in the Civil War that were from Own County who fought in the Union.

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Parke County Historical Society

Built in 1839, Parke County Historical Society contains a vast collection of Civil War artifacts. Before its current location as a Historical Society, the building was previously the location of a seminary, Civil War arsenal, and a segregated African American school.

Photo Credit: Rebekah Abby Colwell